Cost Free Baby Seat

Cost Free Baby Seats

High Street Cars Northwood has the best minicab supplying service in the area of Northwood. We pride ourselves to have the most of the modern facilities of the cab service like we have the special offers for the toddlers that are they can have their own baby seats to have the journey comfortable in every way. We have strict instruction for the driver that the driver should check all the requirements needed for the infant care and safety.

High Street Cars Northwood has the range of different baby seats that can be issued to the newly born infant to 12 year old kid for the comfortable journey. We have observation of last few years that some cab firms doesn’t supply baby seats but our cab service have a wide range of baby seats to provide a comfortable ride to the patron’s child. High Street Cars Northwood first priority is protection and we implement it on our service.

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If you need a minicab in Northwood. High Street Cars Northwood provides 24 hours minicab service in Northwood.

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